Project: North Beach

Project North Beach

2 Lot Green Title Subdivision

Suburb: North Beach 

Original Number of Lots: 1

Final Number of Lots: 2


Agencies involved

– City of Stirling
– Western Power

Planning Conditions

(Western Australian Planning Commission 2019)

“1. All septic sewer systems including all tanks and pipes and associated drainage systems (soak wells or leach drains) and any stormwater disposal systems are to be decommissioned, in accordance with the Health (Treatment of Sewerage and Disposal of Effluent and Liquid Waste) Regulations 1974, removed, filled with clean sand and compacted. Proof of decommissioning is to be provided in the form of either certification from a licensed plumber or a statutory declaration from the landowner/applicant, confirming that the site has been inspected and all septic tanks, soak wells, leach drains and any associated pipework have been removed. (Local Government)

2. Arrangements being made to the satisfaction of the Western Australian Planning Commission and to the specification of Western Power for the provision of an underground electricity supply to the lot(s) shown on the approved plan of subdivision. (Western Power) ”

Key Dates

– WAPC Approval – Form 1A

issued: December 2018
received: March 2019

– Service Agreements

Western Power

issued: March 2019
received: March 2019

– Clearances

Western Power

issued: April 2019
received: April 2019

Local Government

issued: April 2019
received: May 2019

– Landgate Plan Lodgement

plan: May 2019
doc’s: May 2019

IOFD’s: June 2019

– WAPC – Form 1C

issued: May 2019
approved: June 2019

– Landgate Registration

New Titles Created: July 2019