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Links Surveying team member operating surveying equipment on a residential subdivision in Perth


An accurate and well-constructed land survey is crucial to ensure designs meet expectations, boundaries are verified and council guidelines are followed.

Whether building one home or managing numerous builds, LINKS Surveying has a selection of services to accommodate all builders across the metropolitan and regional areas of Western Australia.

Feature and Contour Surveys

With the design and approval process dependent upon obtaining an accurate and reliable Feature and Contour survey, turnaround times are critical.

At the heart of LINKS Surveying is Skynet; our custom-built survey management software. By synchronising our datasets with the various statutory authorities of Western Australia, our compiled database is directly aligned to the single sources of truth; saving on wasted data entry inefficiencies, duplication and potential errors.

Our data is collected once and used seamlessly from project commencement through to the final deliverables.

Skynet provides a 24-7 advantage to:

  • order surveys
  • re-download previous orders
  • manage your incoming workflow
  • monitor individual projects
  • follow the progress of WA’s newest land estates

Behind the scenes:

  • Structured company libraries
  • Logical and organised layers
  • Specifically designed residential datasets
  • Uniform product controls
  • Server synchronisation with Landgate
  • Cloud based platform
  • Strict company standards
  • Custom designed document management
  • Streamlined compatible drafting file formats and versions e.g. ArchiCAD, AutoSketch, AutoCAD, PDF
  • Shared drawing attributes & styles
  • Revision and delivery traceability
  • Automatic product delivery
  • Simple categories allowing for easy to follow job ordering and cost estimates
  • Custom refinements and specific site requests
    • Australian Height Datum – AHD
    • Additional Datum marks
    • Copy of the Certificate of Title
    • Copy of the Title Plan
    • Combination surveys e.g. Re-Peg, Encroachment, Setback

LINKS Surveying – Points of Difference

Unless requested otherwise or AHD is ordered these are relative to a local 10.0m datum, which allows for easy site calculations and helps to avoid any costly site works implications. 2 datums allows for easy site checks and potential site obstructions.

The starting point for determining garage setbacks and turning circle requirements.

Service easements and or site restrictions of a spatial nature which may potentially affect building.

Where possible, plenty of open space for additional building notes.

All services are shown by individual symbols suitable for both colour and black & white  reproduction. Symbols are accurately displayed to scale including refined detailed identification, eg “pre-laid water connection” Vs “Water Meter”, “Sewer Indicator” Vs “Sewer Connection”.

Quickly identify various site objects. Back-end CAD operating files are provided to ensure our surveys are viewed correctly in your system.

Avoid building “mid-air” with comprehensive retaining wall details. Where applicable retaining walls include:

  • Type
  • Condition
  • Widths
  • Top Levels
  • Sloped sections
  • Steps
  • Angle of repose

Where possible, the lot is left open and free
of clutter for additional building notes.

  • Bitumen
  • Brick paved
  • Unsealed
  • Gravel

Typically the decimal point reflects the actual surveyed location.

0.5m contours with both minor and major including labels read facing up-hill.

Quickly and easily identify the site’s existing services.

Identify the “survey area type” to allow for easy cost estimates.

Accurately define construction requirements due to the proximity of breaking surf. Calculated coastal distances are provided from the centre of the lot to the nearest Mean High Water Mark along WA’s coastline.
Broken into 3 categories:    

  • 0m to 1.5km, the exact distance is shown
  • 1.5 to 10Km, 1.5-10Km
  • Over 10Km, >10Km

Where available, approximate AHD factor is supplied. Easily convert any level on the survey to an AHD value without extra costs. Suitable for most council requirements.

True AHD connections are available.

Determine your site’s required sewer connection with site specific invert levels,
up distances and calculated depths provided.

Having synchronised our dataset to the single source of truth all address details are current and up-to-date at the time of survey. With numerous options available, finding a site has never been easier for all potential trades:

  • GPS co-ords
  • UBD reference
  • Street address
  • Local Authority
  • Title plan type
  • Title plan number
  • Certificate of Title (when available)

Quick reference for site works estimates.

  • Traffic islands
  • Kerbing
    – Block
    – Semi-Mountable
    – Mountable
    – Flush
  • Species
  • Height
  • Canopy spread
    shown to scale
  • Trunk shown to scale

  • Lot Numbers
  • Lot Areas
  • Descriptions – storeys, materials, openings, floor levels

Top of footing levels

A non-standard item but available if requested. Helpful for potential views and house extensions.

Boundary Surveys

The majority of all construction starts with determining the boundary. Our standardised residential boundary products allow for specific ordering and easy costings.

  • Alignment
  • Re-Peg
  • Encroachment
  • Setbacks
  • Building Windows

Construction Setout Surveys

Once the boundary has been defined, various specific construction setout surveys can be performed. All setout products require a Boundary Survey to be either previously completed or completed at the same time as the setout. With various options and extras available, our standard residential setout products are easily custom-designed to suit specific client and/or site requirements.

  • Site Works
  • Pool Setout
  • Retaining Wall Pegs &/or Nails
  • House Setout
  • House Nails
  • Zero Lot Boundary Pegs &/or Nails

Datum Surveys

Re-establish or add extra benchmarks. Not a commonly used product but can be necessary for difficult and odd-shaped lots, pool construction, damaged or missing datums.

  • Establish AHD
  • Additional Local Datum
  • Re-establish a Local Datum
  • FFL Datum

Quality Assurance Surveys

With certification by a Licensed Land Surveyor, this product is useful to help overcome difficult and unique queries due to height restrictions, non-standard council requests, neighbouring concerns or checking an existing sand pad.

  • Sand Pad Audit
  • FFL Audit

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