Helping The Community

Links Surveying team members working on a site

Helping the Community

The team at LINKS Surveying is passionate about helping the community in which it operates and is regularly involved with charities, not for profit groups and community initiatives in WA.

Past community partners include:

  • Telethon Homes – donation of the surveying services required for the design and construction of the Telethon homes since 2006.
  • Marine GPS validation markers – LINKS surveying installed and surveyed a number of GPS check points to enable the local boating community to check their settings and configuration of their GPS units when at sea. Markers were installed up and down the WA coast.

Sponsorship has included:

  • Blue Light Western Australia
  • WA Special Needs Children’s Christmas party
  • Applecross Senior High School Work Place learning program
  • All Saint’s College Work Place learning program
  • Cervantes Art Festival
  • Jurien Bay Indian Ocean Festival