Links Surveying's Managing Director Ben Millar in front of a residential site



Q. Will I be able use my Feature & Contour Survey with any builder and / or Architect?

A. Yes, our surveys are detailed and are produced in a variety of formats to meet a range of CAD packages.

Q. I’m unsure if I want to subdivide, renovate or complete a new build of my property.

A. The best starting point is a contour & feature Survey.  This provides a positive investigation into the development potential of your property and takes into consideration your individual needs.

Q. Why should I have my boundaries surveyed before erecting a boundary wall, fence or commencing building works?

A. Having an authorized survey completed by a Licensed Surveyor to define your boundary will avoid any potential construction and/or approval issues.

Q. What is the anticipated time frame for freehold subdivisions?

A. Each site is obviously different as too are the time frames and requirements of each project but generally speaking most small developments will take about 9 months start to finish.

Q. What is a Total Station?

A. A total station is an electronic optical instrument used to accurately measure distances and read angles. Measurement data is stored on the instrument and further downloaded for calculations and mapping purposes.

Q. Do LINKS Surveying work outside of the Perth Metro area?

A. Yes, with our regional office in Jurien Bay we service a wide area.