Land Subdivision and Strata Titles

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Land Subdivision & Strata Titles

Changes to the Strata Titles Act, an extensive review of the Residential Design Codes and implementation of the ‘liveable neighbourhood’ concept means land subdivision today is much more complex to navigate than it once was.

LINKS Surveying has over 25 years’ experience in the subdivision and strata titles industry; continuously evolving to keep ahead of market needs and provide professional advice on all aspects of property development.

LINKS Surveying offers subdivision consultancy services, specialising in green title subdivisions under the Transfer of Land Act; Survey-Strata, Built Strata and the numerous conversion and merger options in line with the Strata Title Act.

LINKS’ site feasibility and evaluation survey process allows consultants to present clients with a selection of options tailored to their project’s parameters.

Subdivision & Land Development
Subdivision & Land Development
Subdivision & Land Development

Legal and process awareness

LINKS Surveying is mindful of operating within the framework prescribed under relevant legislation and acts to ensure a timely development.

The team at LINKS can advise on the application process engaged by the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, Water Corporation, Communication Agency and Western Power; as well as the lodgement procedure for the Land Titles Office, the registration and transfer of documents and the obligations associated with the administration and management of strata companies.

Green Title Subdivisions

Freehold land titles are created under the Transfer of Land Act 1893 ( TLA ). The TLA is a Torrens title system, which effectively sees a public register of land titles maintained at a state level.  In Western Australia this is completed at Landgate.

Freehold land titles are commonly referred to as Green Title lots purely due to the historical colouring system used on traditional Certificates of Title.

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Survey-Strata Subdivisions

Survey-Strata title plans were introduced to the Strata Titles Act in 1997 and have added a welcomed option for Subdivision. The individual Survey-Strata lots are defined by distance and angle dimensions as provided by a Licensed Land Surveyor. 

In contrast to Built Strata title plans, the buildings do not form part of the boundary. Survey-Strata Subdivisions are commonly used in commercial complexes and residential housing.

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Built Strata Subdivisions

As the name suggests, a Built Strata subdivision requires a building to be used to define all or some of the strata lot boundaries.

The individual strata lots are defined by cubic spaces in reference to a building. Built Strata’s are commonly used in high rise buildings, commercial complexes and residential housing.

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Strata Conversions & Options

With the Strata Titles Act first coming into operation in 1967 and subsequent changes in 1985, 1995, 1997 and May 2020; many older strata title plans have not benefited from these changes. 

One of the changes made in 1997 included conversion options for single tier strata schemes registered before the 1st of January 1998.

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