Project: Beckenham

Project in Beckenham

2 Lot & Common Property Survey-Strata Subdivision

Suburb: Beckenham

Original Number of Lots: 1

Final Number of Lots: 2 plus Common Property


Agencies involved

– City of Gosnells
– Western Australian Planning Commission
– Water Corporation
– Western Power

Planning Conditions

(Western Australian Planning Commission 2019)

“1. The existing dwelling being retained is to comply with the requirements of the Residential Design Codes. (Local Government)

2. All buildings having the necessary clearance from the new boundaries as required under the relevant legislation including the Local Planning Scheme, Building Act 2011, and National Construction Code Series/Building Code of Australia (as amended). (Local Government)

3. Other than buildings, outbuildings and/or structures shown on the approved plan for retention, all buildings, outbuildings and/or structures present on Lots 1, 2 and CP3 at the time of subdivision approval being demolished and materials removed from the lots. (Local Government)

4. Uniform fencing being constructed along the boundaries of all of the proposed lots abutting the adjacent Public Open Space (Lot 2620). (Local Government)

5. The land being filled, stabilised, drained and/or graded as required to ensure that:

(a)  lots can accommodate their intended development;

(b)  finished ground levels at the boundaries of the lot(s) the subject of this approval match or otherwise coordinate with the existing and/or proposed finished ground levels of the land abutting; and

(c)  stormwater is contained on-site, or appropriately treated and connected to the local drainage system. (Local Government)

6. Prior to the commencement of subdivisional works, the landowner/applicant is to provide a pre-works geotechnical report certifying that the land is physically capable of development or advising how the land is to be remediated and compacted to ensure it is capable of development. In the event that remediation works are required, the landowner/applicant is to provide a post geotechnical report certifying that all subdivisional works have been carried out in accordance with the pre-works geotechnical report. (Local Government).

7. The landowner/applicant shall provide a written undertaking to the satisfaction of the Western Australian Planning Commission to advise prospective purchasers of the provisions of the local government’s local planning scheme and policy framework that relates to the use and management of the land. (Local Government)

8. The proposed access way being constructed and drained at the landowner/applicant’s cost to the specifications of the local government. (Local Government)

9. Suitable arrangements being made with the local government for the provision of vehicular crossover(s) to service the lot(s) shown on the approved plan of subdivision. (Local Government)

10. Redundant vehicle crossover(s) to be removed and the kerbing, verge, and footpath (where relevant) reinstated with grass or landscaping to the satisfaction of the Western Australian Planning Commission and to the specifications of the local government. (Local Government)

11. A notification, pursuant to Section 165 of the Planning and Development Act 2005 is to be placed on the certificates of title of the proposed lot(s) advising of the existence of a hazard or other factor. Notice of this notification is to be included on the diagram or plan of survey (deposited plan). The notification is to state as follows:

‘This lot is situated in the vicinity of Perth Airport, and is currently affected, or may in the future, be affected by aircraft noise. Noise exposure levels are likely to increase in the future as a result of increases in numbers of aircraft using the airport, changes in aircraft type or other operational changes. Further information about aircraft noise, including development restrictions and noise insulation requirements for noise-affected properties, are available on request from the relevant local government offices.’

(Western Australian Planning Commission)

12. Arrangements being made with a licenced water provider for the provision of a suitable water supply service to the lot(s) shown on the approved plan of subdivision. (Water Corporation)

13. Arrangements being made with the Water Corporation so that provision of a sewerage service will be available to the lots shown on the approved plan of subdivision. (Water Corporation)

14. Arrangements being made to the satisfaction of the Western Australian Planning Commission and to the specification of Western Power for the provision of an electricity supply to the survey strata lots shown on the approved plan of subdivision, which may include the provision of necessary service access rights either as an easement under Section 136C and Schedule 9A of the Transfer of Land Act 1893 for the transmission of electricity by underground cable, or (in the case of approvals containing common property) via a portion of the common property suitable for consumer mains. (Western Power)“

Key Dates

– WAPC Approval – Form 1A

issued: February 2019
received: May 2019

– Service Agreements

Water Corporation

issued: May 2019
received: May 2019

Western Power

issued: May 2019
received: June 2019

– Clearances

Water Corporation

issued: September 2019
received: September 2019

Western Power

issued: October 2019
received: November 2019

Local Government

issued: November 2019
received: January 2020

– Landgate Plan Lodgement

plan: November 2019
doc’s: December 2019

IOFD’s: February 2020

– WAPC – Form 1C

issued: January 2020
approved: February 2020

– Landgate Registration

New Titles Created: March 2020