Subdivision & Land Development

Changes to the Strata Titles Act, an extensive review of the Residential Design Codes and implementation of the ‘liveable neighbourhood’ concept means land development today is much more complex to navigate than it once was.

With over 25 years worth of experience in the land development industry and close familiarity with industry evolution, LINKS Surveying is well equipped to provide professional advice on all aspects of property development.

LINKS Surveying offer land development consultancy services, specialising in land sub-divisions under the Transfer of Land Act (Green Titles) and residential and commercial strata titling sub-divisions, in line with the Strata Titles Act.

LINKS site feasibility and evaluation survey process allows consultants to present clients with a selection of options tailored to the project’s parameters.


Legal and process awareness

LINKS Surveying is conscious of operates within the framework prescribed under relevant legislation and acts to ensure a timely development.

The team at LINKS is also able to advise on the application process engaged by the Ministry for Planning, Water Corporation, Communication Agency and Western Power; as well as the lodgement procedure for the Land Titles Office, the registration and transfer of documents; and the obligations associated with the administration and management of strata companies.