Project Builders

Links Surveying team member operating surveying equipment on a residential subdivision in Perth

Project Builders

Accuracy, reliability and a timeless efficiency are some of the major prerequisites required to meet the needs of the modern project builder and with a proven track record of service to Perth’s building industry LINKS Surveying has the skill set required.

An accurate and well constructed land survey is crucial to verify site boundaries; to ensure that designs meet expectations; and council guidelines are followed.

Whether it is residential or commercial construction, LINKS Surveying has a selection of services to accommodate all builders across metropolitan and regional Western Australia.

Feature and Contour Surveys

With the design and approval process pending on receiving an accurate and reliable feature and contour survey, turn around times are critical.

By combining the latest in surveying technology and custom synchronized data sets, LINKS feature and contour surveys are completed promptly and efficiently. Our structured data allows for easy and cost effective designs; which ultimately saves the project time and money.

LINKS feature and contour surveys are fast leading the industry with numerous extra inclusions as standard:

  • Structured survey data
  • Site photo’s
  • Calculated coastal distances
  • Additional vertical datum point
  • Site address references, including UBD and GPS co-ordinates
  • Approximate Australian Height Datum ( AHD ) connections; where available
  • Sewer connection calculations, where available

LINKS feature surveys are compatible with all standard CAD applications and meet all standard Council, architectural and building requirements.

Boundary identification – Re-peg

Boundary identification, also known as ‘re-pegs’, are used to identify property boundaries and facilitate the accurate placement of fence lines, buildings or retaining walls.

Through the use of our industry leading data management systems, surveying equipment and combination of ground marks, offset marks and certification defining the true boundary position is easily and rapidly achieved; avoiding costly construction delays.

Building and zero lot set outs

Building and Zero Lot set out surveys are important to confirm building designs are correctly positioned. The failure to correctly position a design can prove costly and highly inconvenient.

Set out surveys are useful in positioning new homes, house extensions, retaining walls, lift wells, parapet walls and the installation of swimming pools to mention a few.

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